20 November 2007

Reading: Forest Mage by Robin Hobb

Let's see...
On chapter 12, 250 pages in. I'm not sure it's getting better, but I'm not one to just drop something in the middle, esp. since it was a bargain hardback for $4. I'll continue reading it even though it's wishy washy.

So the main character gets fat (it's not HIS fault! he's not a gluttonous sloth, but no one will listen to him! *whine*) and the whole "society treats fat people like lepers" thing is getting REALLY OLD. It's been 250 pages of simpering wuss, but it's obvious that it's all a "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger" sort of theme.

I'm still sort of pissed about the "fantasy" label of this trilogy. The only thing that makes it "fantasy" is the occasional "magic" and "magic user" that is the "unwashed native" part of the heavy handed Victorian-expansionist-colonialism-is-bad theme. Ugh. I'll be glad to get this one over with.

I will say, I do get swept up into the narrator/lead character's self-obsessive drivel. What can I say, I'm easily entertained. Bleh.

I'll update this once I finish it. I've been reading erratically - not at all for days, then several hundred pages at once. It just goes with the ADHD territory, I guess.