27 March 2013

Not much new here.

So. Already into the end of March of 2013 and I haven't read anything booky this year. Shameful! Oh wait! I lie! I just forgot I read all of a loaned copy of Stardust by Neil Gaiman in pretty much two days. I need to mail it back to it's owner but have been terrible with mail lately and need to order a box for it.

That was a lovely book. I don't know how much I'll remember of it in a month but it was nice. I also started Les Miserables over xmas at my parents house in Oklahoma but got nowhere with it. Perhaps I need an annotated version.

I did just receive my order of the Puffin hard bound copies of Anne of Green Gables and The Secret Garden. Two books I read nearly every spring, and neither of which I have ever owned a copy of (my most read versions were both my sister's copies). They arrived slightly dinged and with smushed head and tail sections and the text block on bob is slightly warped, all of which made me sad as I intend on collecting a shelf-full of these adorably printed books (many are on my Guardian top 100 book list to read anyway) and another of the "grown up" Penguin Classics versions. I do intend to read them so I decided that the poor quality isn't really an issue. Especially at $11.55 each. They're not heirlooms, they're meant to look nice all lined up, which I will do. I really do love the graphic repeating textual motifs. Now whether they are good design or appropriate is another question entirely which I am by wont to get into. I am a sucker for matchy-matchy and shiny, and these books fulfil both, while also (one assumes) being readable.

No new book endeavours on the horizon. I spend most of my free time inexplicably hunched over my phone reading nothing in particular, but I'm hoping to at least make that more interactive and useful time spent.

It's rather interesting to note, too, that I take books and letter writing supplies with me to my many doctor's appointments but apparently have such a quality set finally sorted out that I rarely spend enough time in a waiting room to get anything out, much less read/write. I suppose that is a good thing.

I'd update this with pics & links and all that but I'm composing from my phone and in a lot of pain from some dental work so don't have the capacity to fight with the app to do so.

If you're reading this, sorry. Heh. I'm obviously terrible at this. :)

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